By Vincentman99


Mr Natas is the owner of a mining company who sends you to Mars in a digging pod in the game Motherload

He gives you a lot of kind advice, but turns forceful once you delve too deep(first potential warning found at

-3500 ft where he warns you to not go deeper than 6000 ft.).

Why? Maybe he's worried about the other miners, maybe something else....

Mr NatasEdit

Mr Natas can be found at the bottom of the game, through the hole in the right corner.

Mr Natas' true formsEdit

Evil Mr. Natas:Edit

(1000HP) He is dressed as a business man in a suit. with red skin

His weapons:

  • Laser Eye - Damages the whole area in front and above him
  • His staff (uses like a walking stick to hit you)

True form-Satan!:Edit

(2000HP) He resembles a half-cyborg, half-muscular-demon, around 4-6 times the height of your pod. His left arm and chest are robotic. His attacks become more short-ranged and close-up

His weapons:

  • Robotic Arm - Extends in front of him at 45 degrees, swings in a half-circle and subsequently damages any pod in that area
  • Energy ball - Large energy ball which comes out of his chest and bounces forward slowly up to 80% of the height of the cavern and disappears when it leaves the edge of the boss area.
    Mr Natas True form message

    Mr Natas' Message after you defeat his first form

After you defeat himEdit

Death Animation:Edit

When Mr Natas (first form) dies, he sinks to the bottom which looks cool, but seems a bit unfinished. Approximately 3 seconds after he disappears, his true form as Satan appears. When the second (and final) form is killed, he suddenly freezes with a roaring image, kneels down on bended knee, then falls and crumples. After that, the screen turns gold with $28,500,000 given to the player with selling body parts of Satan.


  • Mr Natas' Kevlar Suit
  • Mr Natas' Staff of Hell
  • Mr Natas' Laser Monacle
  • Satan's Hooves
  • Satan's Horns
  • Satan's Evil Eye (right)
  • Satan's Evil Eye (left)
  • Satan's Boiler of Eternal Infernos
  • Martian Reward for Restoring Peace
  • 250,000 Shares of Natas HI Inc.
  • Satan's Head (When you save, return to the main menu and load game)


  • Spell "Natas" backwards and you get "Satan"
  • Mr Natas' red eyes in the transmissions may reveal to players that he is a creature of hell
  • The area in which you fight "Mr. Natas" shows up on the altimeter to be -66666ft, on reality it is about -7400 ft, with -7287 ft being the maximum depth diggable (walled off battle area accessible only at the far right side of the bottom)
  • (On the above) -66666 feet might imply the number 666, which is known as evil, Satan's number.