Meat Boy is a top-scrolling platform game with sprite graphics made by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee. It was originally hosted on [[NewGrounds]], but now is hosted on many websites.


The gameplay is rather simple. The protagonist, Meat Boy, must pass increasingly difficult levels to rescue his wife, Bandaid Girl. There are many levels, and some are vertically scrolling, unlike many platform games, which are side-scrolling. There are three starter worlds, and a bonus world. The starter worlds are the Forest, the Factory, and, ultimatley, Hell. After the game is won, you unlock the Master Chamber. In the game there are many obstacles that kill Meat Boy, including bozzsaws, pits of salt, lava, and demons that seem to be based upon the Chain-Chomp, from Nintendo's Mario series.


The plot seems to have been inspired by the original Super Mario Brothers. Meat Boy's wife, Bandaind Girl, is kidnapped by the game's antagonist, Dr. Fetus, steals her, and, ultimitley, is killed by her after defecating upon the defeated Meat Boy.

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